Teacher Training


"Visualization in Education: Creating Interactive Media" is a training series that includes online tutorials and curriculum for studio workshops on graphic design and game development for science teachers and instructional designers. We developed the training within the Pakistan: Online Teacher Education project, during which MIT faculty collaborated with the Education Development Center to build an online teacher education program, based on teaching techniques used by MIT instructors. The US Agency of International Development (USAID) funded this project, for which Dr. Violeta Ivanova traveled to teach a four-day visualization workshop, hosted by the Virtual University of Pakistan in Lahore. "Visualization in Education: Creating Interactive Media" is available online. Under the grant, we also started working on a second training series titled "Visualization in Education: Creating an Animation" (now also available online).


"Visualization in Education: Creating Interactive Media" introduces visualization principles and techniques through the workflow of creating an educational game (interface snapshot below). Eight training videos and accompanying resources (including class assignments and handouts) present the production workflow from designing raster graphics in Photoshop, through drawing vector graphics and storyboarding in Illustrator and 3D modeling in Maya, to scripting a graphical user interface and game interactions in Unity.

Curriculum, game development, cinematography, and directing by Violeta Ivanova
Graphic design, animation, and additional screenwriting by Betsy Skrip
Voice over narration (tutorial videos) by Judy Richardson
Sound engineering (tutorial videos) by Barry Pugatch
Additional programming (Unity game) by Brian Deans-Rowe

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