"Slope" is a short animated film that explains the eponymous mathematical concept through examples from ski jumping. The idea for visually-engaging short films that use real world examples to teach math concepts to middle school students came from the MIT Department of Mathematics and Girl’s Angle, a Cambridge-based math club for girls. For this film, we collaborated with Prof. Katrin Wehrheim and other mathematics educators. "Slope" was licensed by MIT to WGBH for PBS Learning Media and is available online.


We created the 3D animation in Maya and the 2D animation in After Effects, and also used live video of ski jumping practice courtesy of Women’s Ski Jumping USA. We mixed the animation, video, and sound in Premiere.

Written by Violeta Ivanova and Katrin Wehrheim
Directed and edited by Violeta Ivanova
3D animation and compositing by Betsy Skrip
2D animation by Krista Shapton
Narration by Keenan Sunderwirth
Sound recording by Barry Pugatch
Original music by James Kirsch

I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.

- Joan Miro