MITx Physics I


Animations can be very effective in teaching physics concepts that involve motion, which are difficult to understand from text and still images alone. We collaborated with physicists Dr. Analia Barrantes of MIT's Experimental Study Group and Dr. Saif Rayaan to create short films for MIT's core undergraduate subject 8.01 "Physics I: Classical Mechanics". Two films, "Definition of Torque" and "Example of Torque", are available on our youtube channel.


For these short films we used mixed media, including video, 2D graphic art (e.g., for formulas), and 3D Maya animation. We composited the images in After Effects and mixed the pictures and narration sound in Premiere.
Written by Analia Barrantes and Saif Rayaan
Directed and edited by Violeta Ivanova
Animation and compositing by Betsy Skrip
Narration by Keenan Sunderwirth

I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.

- Joan Miro